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My talk at SunshinePHP 2013

I gave a talk in Miami to expose the power of new JS to PHP devs

I was invited to the wonderful SunshinePHP conference in Miami last February. Let’s just say thanks to the organizers for inviting me to spend some days in sunny Miami in the middle of a cold winter in Munich.

It was very nice to share program with well known names like Anthony Ferrara, Rasmus Lerdorf, Fabien Potencier and of course my friend Javier Eguiluz, who talked about Twig.

Sunshine PHP venue

(Javier Eguiluz took this photo of the venue)

My talk was about the trend that we have been seeing during the last years: Javascript gets better and faster, and more and more code is moving from the backend to the frontend. Backends tend to be slimmer, and present an API to several frontend apps. And the web is just only one more. Being Symfony2 a very adaptable framework, what challenges and opportunities do we have as Symfony developers when going deeper and deeper into Javascript rich applications?

Symfony & Javascript. Combining the best of two worlds from Nacho Martín