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deSymfony 2016

After some time, deSymfony conf is back. Wonderful atmosphere!

So, a new edition of deSymfony has ended!

After a pause, we organized a new edition of the Spanish (unofficial) conference, and it was a blast! It was very nice to see old faces, I was surprised to see that many attendees are not using this technology anymore, because their careers have put them in a different path, but they are still coming to the conference because they like the community. How great is that?

On the cons side, the food was not great, and the prices of the hotels in Madrid were skyrocketing during that weekend. Althought I think that the accommodation for speakers was quite ok, in other times of the year or in another location with the same amount of money it would habve been awesome. So… let’s change that.

Update: it is official. We are celebrating deSymfony 2017 back in Castellon! So expect much better food, a better atmosphere and better accommodation choices this year.

I spoke about Integrating Symfont and React.js. If you follow this blog you will notice that I am allocationg a lot of brain-CPU-cycles to this theme, so I have condensed it in a talk:


Integrando React.js en aplicaciones Symfony (deSymfony 2016) from Ignacio Martín