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Hi, I’m Nacho Martín.

I am a software developer who writes code at Limenius, a company that I co-founded. I also co-organize React Alicante, the international React.js conference in Spain.

My interests are quite diverse. I studied electrical engineering and began my career working in the field of machine learning applied to speech recognition. Later, I started programming apps at Limenius. Over the years, I have assisted our clients with diverse tasks, such as developing an AI system to create millions of diets, writing booking systems that have processed hundreds of millions of euros, creating viral apps with 12 million visits per month, and developing mobile apps that control new appliances using Bluetooth.

I have also spoken at numerous conferences over the years and shared my knowledge through workshops and trainings at both conferences and companies.

In addition to technology, I recently earned a second degree in philosophy. I am particularly interested in the fields of our collective perception of the future, history of ideas leading to the Modernity and philosophy of mind.