A workflow with remote branches on git

By Nacho Martín on 12 March 2010

This is the workflow that we are currently using for work with remote branches. ###Pushing local branch to remote

git push origin my-branch:refs/heads/my-branch
git config branch.my-branch.remote origin
git config branch.my-branch.merge refs/heads/my-branch

That will create a new branch in the remote repository and the appropriate ref.

###Pulling from remote to local branch Before checking out, we need to fetch the branch, because our repo is not aware of it. Run this to understand what I mean.:

git remote show origin

So… let’s fetch and then we’ll be able to do the checkout.

git fetch
git checkout -b my-branch origin/my-branch

You can add a –track to the last command to set up upstream configuration (see the docs)

Written by @nacmartin

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